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Brett Osborne says the turning point for his life came when he was hired at Scorpion Studios in Houston, Texas. At that point, he'd only been tattooing for about three years, apprenticing at a shop down the street. Scorpion had been the shop Brett had walked into when he was first trying to get in the business. They told him then to come back in a few years - after he had some experience. Scorpion, Brett says, was the studio where everyone wanted to work. "You knew if an artist worked at Scorpion, the guy was good," he said. "So it was great to finally get to be a part of that."

It was also great because Brett made some pretty big life changes when he got the job. He quit doing drugs, for one, chucking a habit that he'd been playing around with since he was a kid. Basically, Brett became a professional artist at that point. He changed direction, got focus, decided to set goals - and achieve them. And he found his true passion, which wasn't in tattooing at all. Instead it was working with clay.



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